Spyder Spanker

Still looking for a way to protect your website from bad bots ? Then Spyder Spanker may be all you need. First, it is important to know that many spiders like Google bots are pretty harmless. However, there are also many bots that come from spammers and hackers who want to attack your site. These bad bots can greatly affect your bandwidth – using up gigabytes monthly. You’ll then be surprised by the excessive bandwidth consumption charges. With Spyder Spanker, you can get rid of these pesky bots with a simple error code of your choice. Here’s a video further explaining this cool system: Todd Spears and his team developed this powerful set of security tools for WordPress blogs. Spyder Spanker comes with WP Security and WP Optimizer. With these tools you can both save and earn money with your blog. How? Lowers bandwidth consumption Spyder Spanker effectively stops the bots that are taking a toll on you bandwith. Ultimately, it will help you save money for hosting each month. Faste


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