Have a look at this Jazz Funk – Gene Harris – Rebop

Gene Harris – Rebop – 1976


Have a look at this Smooth Jazz [Paul Hardcastle – No Stress At All] | ♫ RE ♫

Sampled from the song “Summer Madness” by music group Kool and the Gang Purchase song here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B3EUXMC/ref=dm_sp_alb Rhythmic Excursions Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/RhythmicExcursions?ref=hl Playlist: JAZZcursion NOTE TO MUSICIANS/ARTISTS: In this FAN-MADE video, all copyright info is in the video and listed below. Website links are listed below. However, if you wish to have your music removed from my channel, please send a private message and I will remove it immediately. Paul Hardcastle VII / Paul Hardcastle 7 Paul Hardcastle Label: MRI Copyright: 2013 Blue Yonder Photo not by me. Enjoy. なめらかな音楽のんびりジャズ、光ジャズ、大気の音楽、バックグラウンドミュージック、ソフトな音楽、美しい音楽、クールな音楽、チル音楽、楽しい音楽、イージーリスニング、良い音楽、穏やかな音楽、器楽、まろやかな音楽、ムード音楽、穏やかな音楽、リ